Paper Pests (That Other Thing I’ve Been Working On)

Hey everyone. I would like to introduce you to a project that I’ve been working on, and continue to work on, throughout my senior year of college. This project is The EcoKids and the Paper Pests and I am the lead designer and one of two programmers working. It’s an educational strategy game designed to teach middle schoolers about invasive species, and should be finished around May of this year.

I had planned on keeping this quiet until the game was nearing completion, but the project is being shown around various events in Massachusetts around this time of year, and since my name is out there, I wanted to acknowledge my involvement on my blog. Things are going great so far, and Paper Pests kind of won the Serious Game Alpha award at MassDigi.

I’m both incredibly flattered and mesmerized by the shiny award.


Awesome early reception aside, there’s still a lot of development to complete, and I would definitely encourage you to follow along with any updates on the official website if you’d like. And while you’re already reading personal websites of awesome game developers, you should also probably check out the web pages for the artists Pat Roughan and Kiara Vincent, and also for the lead programmer Evan Polekoff. They’ve done excellent work, and the quality of the game thus far is just as much their doing as mine.

I’ll make a project page for this soon, but in the meantime do check out the above links, and I hope to see you in the various upcoming game events in Massachusetts.

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