What it is

Blots ‘n’ Crafts is a modest puzzle game about creating and burning chains that I created over six months in my spare time by myself. The goals for this project were twofold: to create everything in one game by my lonesome, and thus get more experience in all aspects of game development, and to create a highly polished experience. As a result, the game was scoped as small as possible while still maintaining an engaging core.

What I did

It’s easier to state what I didn’t do on this project: I didn’t do all of the testing, and I didn’t record my own sounds, due to lack of equipment. Otherwise, I:

– Designed and documented the game
– Programmed the game in Unity using C#. Highlights include programming a custom shader in GLSL, and programming a smarter random generation that allows for a smoother difficulty curve.
– Did all of the art using GIMP. The logo was made with Inkscape.
– Designed the soundscape and edited sounds using Audacity
– Wrote and mixed my own music, using LMMS.


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