The fearsome boss of Pogomeister

What it is

Pogomeister was a simple dungeon crawling game built over 7 weeks for my Technical Game Development II class at WPI, using Unity3D and C#. This project was developed as a group of 4 with two programming students and two art students from Artistic Game Development II. The entire class had to work with the same game design, so the focus was more on gaining technical and artistic skills. By the way, if you’re wondering who did the art, that would be Tom Hunt and Corrine Kennedy. There’s a good chance that you clicked this page because of Tom’s awesome alien robot thing–you should check their work out!

What I did

My contributions to this project include:

– Maze generation using my choice of Prim’s Algorithm
– Hierarchical State Machine for enemy AI
– A* Pathfinding
– Implementation of art and sound assets in the game (note: I did not implement animations in the multiplayer mode, though)
– A very cheap, but very Pogomeister-specific form of occlusion culling
– Many little visual effects like recoil, flashlight swaying, and the jar effects.


As per project requirements, these are the controls:

WASD to move
Mouse to look
R,G, and B to throw the corresponding glowstick colors
If you hold shift, you drop glowsticks instead of throwing them
P to pickup jars
E to pickup glowsticks

Try It Out!
  • pogomeister_01.png
  • pogomeister_02.png
  • pogomeister_03.png