What it is

Rail Tank Saves the Day! is an 2D action game starring a tank that flips gravity between two rails. It was developed as part of a group of two in Technical Game Development I at WPI. The engine was written in C++ using ncurses library over five weeks of the course, and the game was developed in the remaining two weeks.

What I did

– Contributed all the engine code used to develop the game.
– Did the majority of the game design
– Did all of the level designs. To make designing levels more efficient, I also programmed in a level reader using notepad as a visual level editor.
– Kept the project organized with liberal use of spreadsheets
– Programmed several smaller things like the level progress meter and a couple of the enemy types.


How to install

(…on Windows. Theoretically Linux user should just run the file from command line and Mac users probably can’t run the game…sorry!)

Since this game is run from the Cygwin command terminal, there’s a bit of extra set-up required to run it.

1. Install cygwin. You may also need the following libraries (I haven’t gotten around to testing whether or not you actually need them yet):  gcc-g++: v4.8.1-3, libncurses development libraries, libncurses10: v5.9-4, libstdc++6: v4.8.1-3
2. Download the game from the button below and place it wherever you’d like it on your computer. If you want the simplest path, just put the game in your C drive.
3. Load up cygwin and ‘cd cygdrive/c/[path to the game from C]’. This changes your directory to the location of the game
4. Run ‘./railtank’
5. Enjoy (hopefully)

Try It Out!
  • rail_tank_01.png
  • rail_tank_02.png
  • rail_tank_03.png
  • rail_tank_04.png
  • rail_tank_05.png